Practices for Well-Being: Youth Voices Write On in The Poetry LAB

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I wanted to share another video animation and clip from my conversation with Valeria from The Fit for Joy podcast.  I had a chance to talk with my work developing The Poetry LAB from 2004 – 2012 in St. Paul Public Schools. This 5-minute video animation is a portion of that interview.  Enjoy! I hope […]

Practices for Well-Being: The Poetry LAB

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In these last few months, I have been focused on bringing The Poetry LAB curriculum, youth writer’s journals, Poetry Prompt Decks, and training opportunities for group facilitators to life. Recently, I had a great opportunity to speak with Valeria of the Fit for Joy Podcast about my own healing path to well-being and how therapeutic […]

Practices for Well-Being: Seasonal Re-set!

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Renew, Re-set, Re-boot: Seasonal Intention-Setting With the arrival of every new season, I find myself, again, appreciating the change of the weather as a great time to re-set, re-boot, and set new intentions.  After so long dealing with the ramifications of COVID-19, a change of seasons and the weather brings an especially welcome change and […]

Practices for Well-Being: Gratitude, Journaling, Poetry Therapy

  Developing a Daily Gratitude Practice Undoubtedly, you have heard about the importance of expressing gratitude or starting a daily practice, but do you know why people recommend it so often? Aside from the fact that it is always a good idea to be more grateful and appreciative of the good things in your life, […]

Practices for Well-Being: Supporting Social Workers

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Supporting Social Workers If you are a social worker or a social work student, now is the perfect time to assess your own ability to integrate practices for well-being into your personal and professional life.  All-things-COVID-19 dominated our lives and posed significant challenges for our clients and for us in 2020. As you step into […]

Practices for Well-Being: Mindfulness Journaling

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JOURNALING: It is Never Too Late to Start Writing in a Journal Do you feel like you missed your chance to be someone who journaling regularly? Maybe you feel like your age, phase in life or the time of year makes a difference. None of this is true! The beauty of journaling is that it […]

Practices for Well-Being: Coping with Pandemic

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Since mid-March of 2020, COVID-19 changed everything. For everyone. It has been a challenging, uncertain, scary, sad, and frustrating six months. At time, it seems like this pandemic, and all the ways in which our lives have changed, will never end. The typical occurrence of children, teens, college students, and teachers returning to their school […]

Practices for Well-Being: Tips for Motivation

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Stop Waiting for a Sign! 11 Tips for Getting Yourself Motivated Too often, we find ourselves waiting for a sign to help motivate us or give us direction for what’s next in our life.  Stop waiting for a sign and take action! Even the most experienced and successful people can use a little help getting […]

Practices for Well-Being: How & Why to Create a Vision Board

SETTING GOALS & ENVISIONING YOUR FUTURE WITH VISION BOARDS What is a Vision Board? A vision board is a tool that helps you focus on specific goals in your life.  Have you ever made a collage? Have you ever created a board on Pinterest?  If so, you have made a type of vision board. While […]