Clinical Social Work Supervision

Getting Started in Your Social Work Career

As a new social worker your top priority is to provide ethical and competent services to meet the needs of your clients. Every day, you meet clients who are facing challenging situations, and they hope you will be able to help. We all work diligently to employ our social work knowledge, values, and skills but, undoubtedly, there are moments when you worry you’re not up to the job. Additionally, you are navigating the social work licensing and supervision requirements and processes of the Minnesota Board of Social Work and hoping you are completing all of correct steps. Finding a clinical supervisor is an essential next step as you begin your post-MSW social work career. I provide individual and group clinical supervision via Zoom video conference. Read more below and contact me to get started.

Mary TInucci
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It can feel like you are all alone.​

Sadly, many new social workers find themselves without adequate support or supervision for such challenging and important work. Agencies are often short-staffed and supervision is not a priority.

What would your professional life be like if you had the essential knowledge, values, and practice-skills, support, and confidence in your professional sense of self?

Let’s work together!

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Find the Support You Need​

A strong relationship with your clinical supervisor is important to handle all that your social work career will throw at you. It is essential that you have a knowledgeable, skilled, trustworthy, and supportive supervisor. Receiving effective supervision is the next step in your professional development. As a clinical supervisor from outside of your agency, I can offer perspective about your work, allow you to think more freely and out loud about your practice, without an evaluative aspect to supervision with your boss.

You deserve the clinical supervision that will cultivate your skills & confidence

As a long-time field instructor, social work professor, and clinical supervisor, I have supported the professional development and launched successful social work careers of many new practitioners. The early part of your professional journey is a critical juncture of your social work career.

Let’s work together!

Work with me individually or participate in a supervision group, or both. My gift as a clinical supervisor is my ability to be fully present, deliberate, and invested in you and your professional development. I bring 34 years of social work practice and 19 years of teaching experience in social work education to the supervisory relationship. I will help you grow into your best professional self.

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I provide individual & group supervision for LSW-level & LGSW-level social workers seeking next-level licensure that meets the Minnesota Board of Social Work licensure requirements.

Mary TInucci