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Every Day Focus Journal

Set Yourself Up for Focus & Success!

This 100-page notebook is perfect for beginning a 50-day or 100-day focus challenge.

  • soft-cover paperback
  • 100 page
  • 2-page daily spread
  • Left side format – Keep the main thing the main thing, To Do List, Erands, Phone Calls
  • Right side format – Daily Journal, Daily Motivation, Positive Focus



Product Description

Use this journal 1 page per day (or) use it as 2 pages per day for a 50-day challenge.

Each day, use the left side to identify the “Main Thing” of your day, the list section with check-boxes & lines to prioritize daily tasks, the small gray box for listing your errands, and the bottom gray box to list your phone calls and emails to be sent today.

Use the right-side page at the top to write a motivational statement for the day and use the subsequent lines for a brief journal entry for the day.

  • Simple black cover design with 1 red heart and 1 white heart
  • Soft matte cover finish
  • Perfect binding
  • White paper