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Social Work Discussion Card Deck

Use this discussion card deck to foster conversation and support professional growth for social work supervisees.

  • Deck includes 54 cards to foster group discussion
  • Each card has a unique and specific social work concept/skill based on ASWB clinical social work licensure exam
  • Each card is 3.5″ x 2.5″ – horizontal
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Product Description

Supervisors can use this card deck as a tool to support social worker supervisees and foster discussion in supervision groups.

  • 54-card deck designed to support the professional development of social work supervisees
  • Each card has a phrase conveying a clinical social work concept or skill to prompt discussion on that topic
  • The questions are designed based on the 4 sections of the ASWB licensure exam that all social workers take in pursuit of an independent level of clinical social work licensing.

Use the cards as a structured activity in clinical supervision groups. 

  1. Ask each member of your supervision group to begin the group session by thinking of a case example, work situation, or client with whom they are currently working. 
  2. Ask them to think about what aspects of the situation they feel particularly good about how they are proceeding.
  3. Ask them to think about aspects of the situation that feel particularly challenging for them. 
  4. Ask them to consider how they are skillfully and competently practicing in this case.
  5. Have the Discussion Cards spread out on a table face-up with each of the social work concepts and skills shown.
  6. After each supervisee has identified their case example, tell them to choose 1-2 cards to which their situation is most aligned. 
  7. Each participant then shares their case example and how the social work concept or skill on their chosen card is related.