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Announcing Virtual Conversation Cards: A New Engagement Tool for Facilitators of Virtual Groups & Meetings

Let me tell you the story about how and why the Virtual Conversation Cards platform came into being and how you can get access to the tool!

Virtual Meetings and Groups: Zoom Saved the Day

For many of us, the COVID-era pushed much of our work online. Clinical supervision groups, support groups, self-help groups, therapy groups, and team meetings, that used to meet in person, were pushed into the online/virtual space.

Gratefully, many of us became quite adept at using platforms like Zoom, Webex, and Google Meet to continue facilitating groups and providing an environment for our clients (in spite of COVID) to gather and connect. Thank goodness for the availability of technology to allow us to offer virtual groups and hold virtual meetings.

But what about my Conversation Card Decks?

As I continued to offer and facilitate virtual groups, I immediately missed the opportunity to use tangible and tactile tools in my group sessions to provide effective structure and offer engaging experiences for group participants. For instance, when facilitating groups in person, I often used the physical card decks I have created (ie…Intention cards, The Poetry LAB Youth Poetry writing prompts deck, queer conversation cards, clinical supervision discussion cards) to spark conversation, offer structure for the group, and keep participants actively engaged.

So, Could I Digitize Card Decks & Use is my Virtual Groups?

I was certain that there HAD to be a way to transform physical discussion card decks into a digital form & function. There had to be a way to integrate the use of discussion cards into the virtual group and meeting experience.

Could I Re-Engage Participants & Improve the Virtual Group
& Meeting Experience?

There HAD to be a way to improve the virtual group experience for both participants and for facilitators. I was determined to bring a more interactive and engaging experience to virtual groups and meetings.

Innovation to the Rescue!

In October 2021, I hired tech-savvy coders to hear my ideas and then implement their coding brilliance to bring my ideas to life. Four companies and 13 months later, my vision of digital use of discussion cards has come to life. I have successfully converted the use of the physical decks of conversation cards into digital use for my online supervision groups & meetings.

The Virtual Conversation Cards Platform:

an interactive & dynamic platform/tool for facilitators

The Virtual Conversation Cards, or VCC, platform was created specifically for group facilitators who facilitate virtual support groups, task groups, therapy groups, clinical supervision groups, and team meetings. This platform functions like a real-time, simultaneous game where all participants engage with the tool simultaneously, all seeing each participants’ card-draws as they happen. The real-time experience keeps participants engaged and fosters meaningful conversation in the group.

Built for Better Remote Group Experiences

The Virtual Conversation Cards platform was built to improve the overall group experience for facilitators and group members (and) to increase engagement and discussion opportunities for participants in virtual group meetings.

The Virtual Conversation Cards has successfully…

  • Digitized the use of physical conversation card decks in virtual groups
  • Improved the virtual group/meeting experience for facilitators & group participants
  • Increased engagement of group participants in my clinical supervision groups
  • Given facilitators and participants something else to engage with/look at besides each other in the Zoom room!
  • Used the conversation cards to structure and foster a relevant & focused group discussion.

Unique Conversation Starters for Different Groups

There are six decks available for use on the platform including:

  • Clinical supervision deck for social work clinical supervision groups
    • This deck is specifically designed for use by clinical social work supervisors who host virtual clinical social work supervision groups. All cards are focused on & intended to support social work knowledge, values, and skill-development.
  • Intention cards deck for use in any group (opening ritual, closing ritual, main discussion focus)
  • Life Out Proud deck for LGBTQ support/therapy group participants.
  • The Poetry LAB deck includes writing prompts for youth writing group.
  • *Parents Talk deck for parenting support group *(forthcoming).
  • *Daily Journaling deck includes writing prompts for adult in writing circles & support groups *(forthcoming).

See the Virtual Conversation Cards in Action

Get Started with Virtual Conversation Cards

Calling all clinical supervisors and virtual group facilitators! Rejuvenate Virtual Groups & Meetings with Virtual Conversation Cards

If you are facilitating virtual/online team meetings, task groups, support groups, therapy groups, parent-education groups, or clinical supervision groups, get your personalized access to the Virtual Conversation Cards platform today!

Energize your virtual group experience with your personalized access to the Virtual Conversation Cards platform.

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