Journaling for Well-Being

A social worker writes in her journal for well being

Establishing a Daily Journaling Practice This is a great idea but getting started can be challenging. Remember that creating healthy daily habits is worth the effort. If you have been feeling a little overwhelmed by journaling and aren’t really sure how to add it to your life, it might be that you are overthinking it. […]

Positive Psychology & Gratitude

Positive Psychology: What We Focus on, Grows! My career as a social worker and my life have been highly influenced by the field of positive psychology. As a social worker, I take a strengths-based approach and view of the human experience.  The field of positive psychology supports this perspective. Positive psychology is the scientific study […]

Coping with the Pandemic and Beyond

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COVID Changed Everything, For Everyone   Faring Well During & Post-Pandemic – How are you Coping? I was interviewed about my work by Valeria, author of the book, “Fit for Joy” and host of the podcast entitled, “Quest for Well-Being.”  This portion of the video animation summarizes the research indicating “who fares well, who fares […]