Practices for Well-Being: Seasonal Re-set!

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Renew, Re-set, Re-boot: Seasonal Intention-Setting With the arrival of every new season, I find myself, again, appreciating the change of the weather as a great time to re-set, re-boot, and set new intentions.  After so long dealing with the ramifications of COVID-19, a change of seasons and the weather brings an especially welcome change and […]

Practices for Well-Being: Supporting Social Workers

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Supporting Social Workers If you are a social worker or a social work student, now is the perfect time to assess your own ability to integrate practices for well-being into your personal and professional life.  All-things-COVID-19 dominated our lives and posed significant challenges for our clients and for us in 2020. As you step into […]

Practices for Well-Being: How & Why to Create a Vision Board

SETTING GOALS & ENVISIONING YOUR FUTURE WITH VISION BOARDS What is a Vision Board? A vision board is a tool that helps you focus on specific goals in your life.  Have you ever made a collage? Have you ever created a board on Pinterest?  If so, you have made a type of vision board. While […]

Practices for Well-Being: Strategies for Embracing Obstacles

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BE PREPARED – SPEED BUMP AHEAD! Strategies for Embracing Obstacles Life is full of obstacles, speed-bumps, and ups and downs. Everyone experiences setbacks, disappointments, and tough times. As each of us works to navigate life in the age of COVID, there is no question we are faced with unprecedented challenges. What is your strategy for […]

Practices for Well-Being: Tips for Journaling

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TIPS for Making Journaling a Part of Your Daily Routine: Establishing journaling as a daily practice is a great idea. Getting started can be challenging. But, creating healthy daily habits is worth the effort. Let’s review a few tips for making journaling part of your daily routine. Make it Easy to Write! Make It Easy. […]

Practices for Well-Being: Getting Started with Journaling

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BEGIN JOURNALING: How to Create a Basic Journal Practice If you have been feeling a little overwhelmed by journaling and aren’t really sure how to add it to your life, it might be that you are overthinking it. Journaling is nothing more than writing your thoughts or ideas onto paper, whether that is a journal, […]

Practices for Well-Being: Journaling without Limits

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It is Never Too Late to Begin Journaling Do you feel like you missed your chance to be someone who journaling regularly? Maybe you feel like your age, phase in life, or the time of year makes a difference. None of this is true! The beauty of journaling is that it is completely versatile. You […]