The Poetry LAB: Curriculum & Training

In these last few months, I have been focused on bringing The Poetry LAB curriculum, youth writer’s journals, Poetry Prompt Decks, and training opportunities for group facilitators to life.

Recently, I had a great opportunity to speak with Valeria of the Fit for Joy: A Quest for Well-Being Podcast about my own healing path to well-being and how therapeutic writing, journaling, and poetry have been integral to my life. We talked about my social work practice and how I employ the therapeutic use of poetry in my work with youth (and adults).

Enjoy a sweet animated audio snippet of my recent conversation with Valeria.

Upcoming Training for Facilitators

I am excited to be offering in-person and live Zoom training for people interested in learning how to implement and facilitate a Poetry LAB group with youth in their schools or communities. 

Click here to learn more about how to bring The Poetry LAB Facilitator Training to your school or community.