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Exploring the Possibilities

If you are looking for new and engaging ways to train your staff on important issues in social work, support and develop effective teams, facilitate meaningful and useful team meetings, or launch a strategic planning process, please reach out to me.

I am available to provide training in a variety of focus areas for your staff, teachers, mental health providers, volunteers, and teams at social service organizations and schools.

Mary TInucci
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The Poetry LAB Training​

The Poetry LAB: Enjoy this animated audio from a Podcast interview about my work in St. Paul Public Schools directing The (Poetry) LAB, an arts & wellness-based program of St. Paul Public Schools for middle school and high school students. 

This live training introduces The Poetry LAB, a groupwork model integrating therapeutic writing techniques, beneficial for social workers, educators, and practitioners working in diverse settings, emphasizing its efficacy in promoting emotional growth and healing.

Mary will provide a 3-hour in-person training experience to learn about and how to implement and facilitate The Poetry LAB in your school or community.

Custom Training, Workshops & Strategic Planning

I specialize in creating space for meaningful teamwork and skill development, establishing an environment where your team can embrace learning and growth in crucial areas of practice.

I also offer my expertise in meeting facilitation and strategic planning services tailored to your organization, team, boards of directors, staff, and volunteer teams.

My approach not only focuses on enhancing team dynamics and productivity but also ensures that individuals feel empowered to bring their best selves and ideas to the table, thereby fostering meaningful growth and collaboration.

Past Clients

  • Paws for Learning Board of Directors – Strategic Planning
  • Academic Arts Charter School – Teachers and Staff Meeting Facilitation and Strategic Planning 
  • Increasing Our Understanding of & Improving Care for LGBTQ+ Clients
  • Beyond Binary: Understanding Difference & Fluidity of Gender/Sexuality
  • Navigating Ethical Challenges in Group Work Practice
  • Educational Stability of Children/Youth in Foster Care
  • The Road to Revolution: Women, Creativity & Leadership
  • Spoken Word Poetry: Innovative Ways to Work with Urban Youth

What do past clients say about Think in Possibilities?

I often find myself using activities or practices from my time at The LAB when planning team and staff meetings and in my day-to-day work. Your approach to engaging teams and creating spaces where people feel valued and heard has always stuck with me, and I am constantly striving to foster team dynamics that make me feel as welcome as I felt at The LAB. I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring my journey to become a social worker and for the continued inspiration you provide me each day as I carry that experience with me in my work and life.

Let’s work together!

Think in Possibilities stands for the work of transformation and well-being: yours & for those you encounter in your work, relationships, community.

If you are committed to your social work career, professional development, self-care, and personal growth, then you are in the right place. Think In Possibilities is a space of encouragement and inspiration to think outside of the proverbial box – and think, instead, in possibilities – in all the areas of your life.
Mary TInucci